Rencontre #4: réflexions sur l’afroféminisme francophone

Je me demande souvent comment je me retrouve à rencontrer des personnes aussi inspirantes, même si ça nous vaut de déprimer en fin de soirée parce qu’on n’a pas fait grand chose jusqu’ici. Lors de cette soirée, j’ai aussi rencontré Nathalie Plummer, a.k.a The Conquering Lion (voir le clip ci-dessus), personne très charismatique et super avenante, qui vient de sortir son album. C’était intéressant d’avoir son point de vue de femme caribéenne ayant vécu en Angleterre, elle s’étonnait de voir pourquoi tant de personnes non-blanches insistaient sur le fait qu’ils étaient français et il a fallu lui expliquer les problèmes que sous-tendaient cette question (le manque de reconnaissance, les attaques dans les médias, l’histoire des Caraïbes, etc), mais pas assez de temps pour développer tout ça !

Durant les nombreuses discussions qui ont eu lieu, l’afroféminisme francophone est venu sur la table, l’occasion pour moi de découvrir qu’il y avait eu des groupuscules afroféministes en France ! Je ne sais pas si vous réalisez l’ampleur de la chose, mais sachant que la plupart des références que l’on donne sont des militantes afro-américaines, il était assez surprenant de voir qu’il y avait eu d’ores et déjà des mobilisations. Ca pose également des questions de l’effacement systématique de la femme noire dans l’Histoire, que ce soit dans le militantisme ou même des mouvements  littéraires ( coucou, la Négritude).

Quelques liens, donc :

Comment penser sexe, race, classe ? : petite histoire de l’Union des Femmes de la Martinique ou quand les plus minoritaires sont les plus universelles

Gerty Dambury:”J’ai un passé de féministe. J’ai participé à la coordination des femmes noires qui a existé en France entre 1976 et 1981, à peu près”

Et cette interview de The Conquering Lion :«C’est très difficile d’être une femme noire caribéenne ouvertement lesbienne»


Roots & Inspiration supports : Coco & Breezy [Eng, Fr]

“Quand nous étions jeunes, nous étions harcelées à l’école parce que nous étions différentes. Et nous avons transformés le fait d’être différentes et d’être harcelées en quelque chose de positif : les lunettes de soleil. C’était une sorte d’échappatoire, nous les portions face à ceux qui nous harcelaient et bien avant de nous lancer dans leur design, nous en portions tout le temps, déjà. Les lunettes de soleil étaient un moyen de nous fournir un certain de niveau de confiance que nous n’avions jamais eu.(…) A 19 ans, nous avons quittés nos boulots, nous avons vendus nos vêtements, essayé d’avoir autant d’argent que nous pouvions, et nous avons acheté nos billets d’avion. Les gens pensaient qu’on était folles… et nous étions folles ! Mais vous avez besoin d’être assez fous pour changer le monde !”

Originaires du Minnesota, les jumelles Coco et Breezy racontent leur parcours : comment elles sont passé d’un simple Myspace pour aujourd’hui fournir les accessoires à des stars telles que Lady Gaga, Rihanna, Nicki Minaj…etc, en passant par un appartement aussi grand qu’un matelas en plein New York.

Super inspirant !

Some News – Greatness is coming !


Hey guys !

How are you doing ? I take some minutes to tell you some stuff about what’s going on in my life lately. Not that it will bring you something,  you can just skip this article if you want to, haha.  You are now 35 followers on this blog and 80 on Twitter, and for that, MERCI BEAUCOUP !

These last days marked my comfort feeling about this new city where I am living. My studies are great, I met some people IRL but also on Twitter. Yeah, lately, I had been very active on my twitter account (if you do not follow it, what are you waiting for ? You will practice some french ! hehe : @mrsxroots ), and I learnt a lot about Afrofeminism, racism, transphobia, islamophobia and so on.

If you know me, you know that I love to break all my potentiel prejudices and rest of ignorance by learning and travelling. Well, this is what I did for hours, reading articles, writing some and I hope you will like it, because being okay with ourself is dealing with this ugly background of our world.

I understand there is a time for opening your eyes on all these problems , and it seems it’s a part of adulthood somehow but it’s not enough to say “things need to change” and to wait for someone like Martin Luther King or this kind of big figure of history. It’s about us, and we have to do something. I don’t say we have to do a revolution, but just be aware and talk about all those problems; stopping to keep our illusions.

It’s not pessimistic to say “there is a problem in here”, it’s optimistic because it means you are strong enough for being aware of it. Doubting is good, being scared is natural but you have to overpass those states of mind if you want to change your environment. Because it begins with you ! 

It is easy ! Look at what I am reading, tweets and books. I saw a documentary about Coca cola and it made me feel good to see how my effort for eating healthy was a good way. Your changing will impact around you, and that’s how we have to stop to think that one person can’t change anything. You can change something if you talk around you, if you stop to be scared about people who are disagree. I had been scared to say what I thought and I hoped for someone to tell it for me. But no one will come for saying what you think, no one except you.

Hum… This was not the goal of this article but whatever, it gives you a reason to read it ! lol.

Greatness is coming 

In plus of all these news things I learnt, I am preparing my Copenhagen trip ! YAY ! Can’t wait to show you everything. And I just learnt I will participate to my first BOOK FAIR ! Participating, not attending. My CV is on fire haha.

When you want to work in a book field, people see you as a future homeless person but, by and by, I feel that every little victory I get is a snap in their face. I did not finish my studies so I can’t say what Lord is preparing for me, but until now I am just grateful and happy to do what I want. Not what my parents want, not what people want, but what me, myself and I want.

It’s a sane feeling, it’s exciting becaus you don’t clame you succeed, you just TRY. And people can’t take that from you, people can’t tell you if you will succeed or not, or if giving a try is vain. Because they don’t know what success means to you and maybe you don’t know yourself ! I don’t know when, or if, I will succeed. I just want to do like I do right now : step by step, trying and hoping for the best.

That’s all for now ! Can’t wait to tell you about my adventure ! Keep smiling and wish you the best for this week, month and year !

Madame Vulnerability


I wish I could live without any expectations.

Even if you have this thrilling seconds when you realized that they come true, I would sacrifice these little seconds of transe for a perfect ataraxia. Or holidays of ataraxia. Can you imagine ? Take a break when you think about nothing then “what will I eat for lunch ?”, “which movie will I see tonight ?”. Some people will call that boredom. The others ? happiness. I have nothing against expecting something. I just hate the processus. You know, when you loose yourself in this paranoiac mind, which lives only for an answer ? I hate that. Everytime, there are same symptoms. First, I am confident, then suspicious, then worried, and finally, extremely vulnerable.

I hate feeling vulnerable, it’s like being nude to me. I spent so many years to build my confidence that vulnerability is a monster to me. If I had to depict it, it would be me, naked in front of a canon. Yeah. Just like that, haha. During a long time, I thought vulnerability was independant, but our relationships work on it entirely. Most of the time, when you say that you refuse to act like this because you don’t want to be vulnerable in a situation, people say “you have to”. And there comes everything : if you want to be true to yourself, true to the person you love, true to your convictions. You have to. Like when you are in a relationship, and you need to give up your protections for showing who you are, you have to drop all your fears of being hurt…Etc. You have to be vulnerable for appreciating the essence of things around you. You need to be naked to see how comfortable it is to be dressed/touched/comfortable to be home.

Somehow, it is true. It’s not weakness, but bravour to show up. However, it’s not that easy. I mean, being vulnerable would not be if we did not need to protect ourself, to be tough, and to seem confident. If it would not be necessary, vulnerability would not exist. I would like to not be afraid everytime I begin something with someone that I love. Being a white paper where a new story can be written. I try to, but it is not easy.

So, what ? you will say. What should we do ?


Well, it is simple. First, we should accept to be scared, afraid, hurt, vulnerable… Because it is a fatality. Fatility is not necessarily bad, you know, it can help to go further. I am vulnerable sometimes, so what ? You never know if you can be surprised.

You think she/he doesn’t love you ? You don’t know until you will tell him. FACT.

You think your project won’t come true ? Well it won’t if you are discouraged and spend your time to read this blog instead of working on it. FACT. You think people won’t accept who you are ? Who cares if you accept who you are. At the end…

You think something ? Well, just stop thinking for a while, and do what you want to do. When I said “I wouild like to go to Finland, it is maybe silly like plan”, the girl next to me told me “it’s chimerical !”. I could have thought about why and how she knows, but I just went to take an application and filled up for going to Finland the year after. I did, and I spent the best year of my life.

So yeah, Mrs. Vulnerability is still there when you are not sure. But if it’s there, it means some how that you act and hope something, you believe in something. Isn’t it great ? To have a goal to accomplish ?

If you fail, cry. Cry during a long day. The day after, pick a new goal. ‘Cause at the end, you never know if these little insane seconds of striking happiness will be somewhere else… and longer than you excepted. 😉