“Henry and June” de Anaïs Nin : l’honnêteté d’une femme

  Je n’aime pas les journaux intimes. La littérature de journal intime, de carnets ou d’autobiographie n’est pas ce que je préfère, et s’il y a exception, c’est souvent parce que je me repose sur des auteur(e)s que je connais. … Continue reading

Some News – Greatness is coming !


Hey guys !

How are you doing ? I take some minutes to tell you some stuff about what’s going on in my life lately. Not that it will bring you something,  you can just skip this article if you want to, haha.  You are now 35 followers on this blog and 80 on Twitter, and for that, MERCI BEAUCOUP !

These last days marked my comfort feeling about this new city where I am living. My studies are great, I met some people IRL but also on Twitter. Yeah, lately, I had been very active on my twitter account (if you do not follow it, what are you waiting for ? You will practice some french ! hehe : @mrsxroots ), and I learnt a lot about Afrofeminism, racism, transphobia, islamophobia and so on.

If you know me, you know that I love to break all my potentiel prejudices and rest of ignorance by learning and travelling. Well, this is what I did for hours, reading articles, writing some and I hope you will like it, because being okay with ourself is dealing with this ugly background of our world.

I understand there is a time for opening your eyes on all these problems , and it seems it’s a part of adulthood somehow but it’s not enough to say “things need to change” and to wait for someone like Martin Luther King or this kind of big figure of history. It’s about us, and we have to do something. I don’t say we have to do a revolution, but just be aware and talk about all those problems; stopping to keep our illusions.

It’s not pessimistic to say “there is a problem in here”, it’s optimistic because it means you are strong enough for being aware of it. Doubting is good, being scared is natural but you have to overpass those states of mind if you want to change your environment. Because it begins with you ! 

It is easy ! Look at what I am reading, tweets and books. I saw a documentary about Coca cola and it made me feel good to see how my effort for eating healthy was a good way. Your changing will impact around you, and that’s how we have to stop to think that one person can’t change anything. You can change something if you talk around you, if you stop to be scared about people who are disagree. I had been scared to say what I thought and I hoped for someone to tell it for me. But no one will come for saying what you think, no one except you.

Hum… This was not the goal of this article but whatever, it gives you a reason to read it ! lol.

Greatness is coming 

In plus of all these news things I learnt, I am preparing my Copenhagen trip ! YAY ! Can’t wait to show you everything. And I just learnt I will participate to my first BOOK FAIR ! Participating, not attending. My CV is on fire haha.

When you want to work in a book field, people see you as a future homeless person but, by and by, I feel that every little victory I get is a snap in their face. I did not finish my studies so I can’t say what Lord is preparing for me, but until now I am just grateful and happy to do what I want. Not what my parents want, not what people want, but what me, myself and I want.

It’s a sane feeling, it’s exciting becaus you don’t clame you succeed, you just TRY. And people can’t take that from you, people can’t tell you if you will succeed or not, or if giving a try is vain. Because they don’t know what success means to you and maybe you don’t know yourself ! I don’t know when, or if, I will succeed. I just want to do like I do right now : step by step, trying and hoping for the best.

That’s all for now ! Can’t wait to tell you about my adventure ! Keep smiling and wish you the best for this week, month and year !

“Pardon, I don’t speak english veRy well”

“But… if you are French, how’ come that you speak english so well ?” said the old Finnish man that I met under a snow storm.

Mmh, many words could be explained in this sentence, like “snow storm”, haha, but let’s focus on the punchline. Today, I will pecularly adress to my foreigner fellows.

It’s funny to live in another country, because we can see how people perceive your national stereotype. For example, mine is a kind of emblematic French who would walk with a baguette under his arm, with a berret on his head, and smelling like cheese. He seems arrogant and sexy at the same time – don’t ask me  why, I have no idea.

The point here is not to defend a vision, or to say ‘”you’re wrong/you’re right” because this vision applies to every country. However, I think the question about the language is very interesting.

Think about it : why should we learn another language ? Futhermore, I read sometimes that for english speakers, some of them probably don’t see the point to learn another language because English is everywhere. But is there not a certain curiosity ? Is a language only practicale ?

 I would like to learn russian because of their romantic literary masterpieces ( I like to think that any traduction can give as much as an original text); I would like to learn Italian because it’s the most wonderful language that I know, I would like to practice my spanish because it’s very close from French, I would like to learn japanese because this language is poetic…

Language is the prism of subtility. I never appreciated more some books or movies since I had the opportunity to practise my english. Almodovar’s movie have this tasty spanish which could be missed.

Moreover, speaking the language of the other – even some basic words – is integrating. I will never laugh at someone who tries to say one sentence in french… I mean, I don’t know, I feel flattered when someone tells me why he likes french language.

My spanish best friend learns my language, and I learn hers. It’s a beautiful exchange between two cultures – even if it sounds cheesy, haha.

The fact is, as fluent as it can be, a language remains fragile. I am still wondering how I will maintain my english when I will be back in France. I would like to speak another language as good as I do with my mothertongue.

This is one of the reason why this blog is in english. With english, new kind of readers come from everywhere and can read my words. It’s good sometimes to go out from an natural ethnocentric frame.