Roots & Inspiration:”Women” by Carol Rossetti [Eng,Fr]

  Sur son tumblr, une des images de cette série était une femme mince dont la légende dénonçait cette injonction aux formes féminines pour prouver sa féminité. Un commentateur a demandé “pourquoi il manque un bras à cette jeune femme … Continue reading

“Stories can also be used to empower” – Chimamanda Adishie [Eng]

Some people asked me about my religion, my origins, my social and political beliefs, my… This list is endless. People are asking, wondering but how many people really want to know my story. At the second where people will probably get to know this amazing woman who is Chimamanda Adishie through Beyonce’s song, Flawless, I woke up with the feeling to give this little peace of humanism.