Queen, Belle, an inaccurate color

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My 2013’s : a surprising and revealing year [Eng]

I do not like New Year

I’ve always found something sad, even though over the years , drunkenness and friends make it lighter. But despite that, I ‘ve never seen something festive , something more melancholy , sad . In short, I always had the bittersweet. But 2013 is different. So different, so extravagant, so senior … She is so marginal and undervalued its balance sheet that it deserves!

2013 was …

1) Revealing

2013-04-21 21.58.21

There a year , I decided to go to Finland .

Neither mom or dad, or friends, or tour guide or page Wilipedia on Finland , just me announcing to the world that I would spend a year in the North, a country I did not know. I went there for one year. I came in -20 degree course , I watched two hours of sun through the window during my course in linguistics , I laughed at the cashier offered me a bag in Finnish in a different way each time. I was drinking a Chai Latte in the street cafe opposite, and I resisted eating cake with red fruit that I loved so much . I put tights under my pants , either in my city of study or Lapland.

I went on Alands Islands snowstorm , is dog sledding, ate reindeer sausage , went swimming in the Arctic Ocean in socks and swimwear, saw the sun rise on the Stockholm deck of a ferry, saw the golden Saint Petersburg metro stations and chips market the medieval walls of Tallinn … I liked it too terribly . Oh, that yes, I wish it were the people who were with me in the night make burgers in the next street , who shared a tiramisu in a restaurant with me pirates , who played flip cup with me, who listened loop “Get Free ” by Major Lazer , who participated in international dinners, which were illegal roommates in my room … I terribly liked those people that like to remember today gives tears to my eyes. This is not a love that is felt at the time, it is a posteriori love, love to have lived with them somewhere in the world.

In short, it was more than a country , it was another life. My heart sometimes tight, when I look back . No one will see these moments , not even enough pictures . I carry with me and now I know it’s something unique that has made me a different person . On open ? Listening ? Confident ? All I know is that it has brought me nothing but good, something that today , I am proud of what I am forgiven what I was , and encourages I can become , without waiting the approval of others . Others built me but does not hold my person : I found the balance.


There a year , I decided to get into my passion.
I made ​​this choice when we wonder what we will do with his life , and in the quest for a reassuring answer and unfathomable , I came away with ” and if I tried ? we’ll see . ” That’s how I wanted my first internship in publishing. And that’s how one of the larger boxes found me in my quest . Spend a few weeks in the middle of what we love was more than I could have hoped! When you decide to work in the books, it’s not as if we had an encouraging speech from others. But what do we say? Ah yes , the approval of others, she can go … look elsewhere.
Therefore surprising because , for now, I do what I love and I had such incredible opportunities as each other . Whether by the enthusiasm for the blog , meetings via Twitter, or better yet, my participation in the magazine Just Follow me .

It’s really rewarding to have good returns on what we love to do what you’re getting involved. But it is even more so when it focuses on issues that affect everyone .


It has long asked me if I had any favorite authors , people who inspired me . Until this year , I do not have any. Really, I had no one , no model , no icons . I think I ignored it long missing from my life, that my attachment to tenfold works like Roots , at work , historical speeches, but not people , figures which I could identify. Toni Morrison has filled this huge part of my life , not only by what she wrote , but more by what has resulted.

From his works, I started thinking. I opened this blog whose beginnings were a little sketch a humanist, and I read, I am interested in issues that hit me without I did wonder. I discovered concepts, and I exceeded this limit when I ran . How to link what excites me into something constructive ? How to resonate these works and show how they are essential ? What makes literature more than words ? This is where my first born critics.

I first met Guy , this band of immigrant friends who have given me so much and my ego ravaged European privileged . My cousin told me ” I can not explain , but it takes you to read it ” in me tended of Frantz Fanon , I read every morning during my time underground . Then I devoured ” The Bluest Eye” , sometimes crying during my reading. I thought again and again , and for weeks, I had the impression of living a cultural revolution in my head : what is the interbreeding ? Why I do not feel concerned by feminism TM ? Why am I uncomfortable that I’ll never be French sensation? Is what I ‘m homophobic ? Be black ( e ) does it make me not necessarily more objective / tolerant with respect to X or Y?

I always felt as a kind of modern humanist . It was not by nobility of soul or anything , it’s just something that has always fascinated me in fact to understand others and thus to pierce the veil of ignorance and prejudice that I had. In short, I ‘ve always been fascinated by the deconstruction of self in favor of openness to the world . It’s beautiful, huh ? I have long known that the open mind, then I thought I was a crossroads for many things , but I never found the right word .

Without me noticing it , intersectional boiling was born.

This intersectional addiction has taken a long time to form, expired in miscarriages of frustration , but today , in 2013 , it is definitely there . It still has no strong labels that I announce anything ( feminist, anti- racist , etc … adjectives are too strong) . Yet , now that big big bang intellectual arose , I fed all this , slowly, quietly, and safely. I am an eternal student of intersectionality .

So I began to articulate my critical thinking through what I liked most: literature. But it was more a way to put the order to be read . Hence my surprise that people find interesting some of my thoughts , and more to the point to follow me daily in debates . A huge thank you to those people who have found what I have said answers , or just something to remove. I am very grateful , as I am still an apprentice in the field 🙂

Student who ? Of all these people who are my education daily on Twitter, in books, everywhere, who tell me when I ‘m wrong, and listen to me when I have questions. It’s a bit what makes Mrs.Roots blog what it is. And then it was without counting the meet good people to consolidate all this based on specific project auboutdeslevres.wordpress.com


” Sibylle had forgotten Stockholm naked under the glare of the summer. Its iridescent beauty whispered memories ear at a street corner. She wandered for hours in the streets of Gamla Stan, flooded with tourists. Despite the popularity of this futilely called the Venice of the North , the soul of Sibyl was awake. In June, he was never late, as the sun was still up at midnight, but fatigue opposite view , she decided to resume its path. ” (From a draft)

The year 2013 is not a great story. If this were the case, there would be a beginning and an end , and I do not have the sense of unfinished while this post is too long . I honestly do not remember the bad things this year. I mean, there are no bullet points , just as some crackings (s) did not deserve . But the truth is that I want the same feeling of floating, unfinished for next year . I want to have the feeling that there will never be enough words to recount everything that was great. I do not wish you a good year, but just find your balance even floating that lets you dream in the end . To be happy whatever 🙂

For 2014 , I intend to be busy remaking the world a little darker these days . And it seems that I will not be alone to do it.

” Not alone ,” yeah . Even seems a certain someone held my hand this year to listen to me talk about printing, Scandal and Toni Morrison. Yeah, it seems the place , despite everything.

Finally, this is what I was told .