Why Black people in France are still invisible

I already mention how much I love the word of Media Diversified. Few months ago, I interviewed one of their journalist (check out on the blog !) and wrote a critic on their great and refreshing essay “Complicit No More”. I couldn’t be more happy to see my name on their website.

Maybe I will find the courage to write for them, one day… 🙂 Meanwhile, you should definitely read them !

Media Diversified

by Aude Konan

“I am fed up of fraternity without equality. What’s the point of fraternity if it doesn’t work with equality. What’s the point of fraternity if it’s just a joke in poor taste. Fraternity doesn’t work if we’re not equal.”

– Leonora Miano[1]

A new French study has revealed that racism is on the rise in France, with half of the French population admitting that they have a racial prejudice. Contrary to the popular belief that racists are old people who are left-wing, the study reveals that 65% of people under the age of 30 believe that there are too many immigrants in France. Numbers show that 8.8% of people living in France are migrants, and 57% of them are Europeans.

The study came as a big surprise in France.

France is not all white, but apparently French people haven’t realized it. People of Arabic…

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