Exhibit B is one mans desire to exhibit racism and the rise of Neo Liberalism

The Thoughts & Opinions of An Angry Black Woman

Photo: Mike PeoplePictures Photo: Mike PeoplePictures

Usually I can put pen to paper about most subjects, especially those I feel really passionate about. However I literally haven’t been able to write about Exhibit B because it was simply to overwhelming. I wish in this moment that I could intellectualize and do word gymnastics about the whole Exhibit B experience but I can’t so I will just write as though I am having a conversation with you, and hopefully you will see why it was so important and why we must continue the right against racisim in all mediums. I couldn’t make sense of the hostility towards us as protesters, I felt like those in favour were shouting “what is wrong with you”, the issue was me or us we “misunderstood” we “didn’t get it” “we needed to see it to experience it”.  Now Bailey laments over the images published…erm, mate you had YouTube video’s going back a…

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