The Takedown of a Pick-up Artist

Because Media Diversified is still in the game : here their work on sexism 🙂

Media Diversified

CONTENT NOTE: This piece will contain numerous incidents of misogyny, misogynoir, sexual harassment, and racist & gendered violence.

by Shane Thomas 

Anyone remember the character Tom Cruise played in the Paul Thomas Anderson film, Magnolia? For those who don’t, Cruise played Frank T.J. Mackey, a brash, loathsome motivational speaker, hiding personal trauma. Arguably the finest performance of his career, he is an abhorrent distillation of patriarchy. He runs classes on how to “conquer women” to a rapt male audience, opening the seminar with the mantra, “Respect the c*ck! And tame the c*nt!

Mercifully, Frank T.J. Mackey is fictional, but Julien Blanc is real. You may already be aware of Blanc. For the uninitiated, he’s Frank T.J. Mackey made flesh. Blanc is an executive coach for Real Social Dynamics, a company which dispenses “dating advice”. This advice includes Blanc instructing a room full of white men on how…

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