Un mémo avec des lectures anglophones , qui regroupent pas mal de références.

Hamtramck Free School

Black Feminist thought provides us with powerful testimonials of brutality, oppression, sexism and racism. Black Feminist work also provides scathing critiques, strength, knowledge, and empowerment. In this class we will familiarize ourselves with the vibrant legacy and brilliant future of Black Feminist writing, poetry and film.  While exploring the works of these women, we will pay particular attention to their awareness of a multitude of oppressions, intersecting strategies of resistance, and the necessity of maintaining an affirmative stance toward difference in the face of an alienating homogenization.

Most of the readings are shortish excerpts from larger texts and will be posted two weeks in advance. Click on the dates after the listed reading for a link to the text.

Part One

WEEK ONE – 3/22
Sojourner Truth
– A’n’t I a Woman? (1851)
Frances E.W. Harper – Selected Poems (1854, 1856, 1895)
Anna Julia…

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