28 Black Films You Need To See To Keep Your Race Card

THIS ! I can’t even say why you need to read it because YOU HAVE TO read it. I thought about writing this kind of post but I am definitely too lazy and I knew, as french, that I would miss some of these “must be seen” movies. Actually, I saw 10/28. Not bad but could be better.

And, in my opinion, some movies miss to this list.

A lil recommandation of the article : “* If you’re not black, better black awareness. But don’t get it twisted: 28 movies do not a culture make. Don’t get your ass beat for trying to understand your black co-workers by suddenly dapping them up or trying to debate the symbolism of Doughboy shooting that Eazy E clone in the back.”

Scott Woods Makes Lists

Seeing as how Black History Month has already started, this list is a little late. And yet, after a conversation with someone I THOUGHT was a good friend today, I realized that it’s never too late to get your black card revoked for not having done your homework. You can’t be a truly progressive modern black person if you haven’t at least seen these 28 films. Think of this as a Black History Month advent calendar: 28 days to better blackness,* complete with reasons why.

Day 1 – Purple Rain

If you want to know why Prince is still such a big deal at 55 and bringing in Super Bowl ratings at 11:00 at night on a shit show like New Girl it’s because 30 years ago he did this little student film called The Kid & His Weird Biker Gang, totally reinventing not only what it meant to…

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[BookReview] Why can’t we wait – MLK et le racisme invibilisé

MLK et le choix du pacifisme. “Why can’t we wait” est l’occasion de comprendre réellement, loin d’un angélisme véhiculé, les raisons d’une lutte non-violente. Conscient d’un racisme systémique où les institutions discriminaient les Noirs jusque dans les restaurants et les … Continue reading