Native American Heritage Month post 2- Hipster Racism and the Indian Princess

After the “noble savage” I talked about in french literature, here is a great article about the “indian princess” caricature and hipster appropriation of codes. MUST READ.


“It’s cute” they cry.

“It’s done out of respect” they say.

“Its a trend… thats all…”

“People are just being sensitive…”

No… its “Red-face”… like “black-face”, but one isn’t considered socially acceptable and somehow the other is.

English: Ke$ha performing "Take It Off&qu... English: Ke$ha performing “Take It Off” at The Bamboozle 2010 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

*Sigh* where to start… The very first time I saw Ke$ha in faux tribal gear, ripped stockings and feather head dress… in conjunction with the fact that shes the very same woman that sang about brushing her teeth with a bottle of jack… I thought, “This just aint right.”

Of course, I personally see this as an obvious no-no… Who wouldn’t? A headdress…A sacred item of  certain  Native American people, donned by a woman that regularly sings about getting drunk… obvious stereotypes much?

But it launched a hipster trend… appropriation of native cultures under the guise of “respect” as…

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