Introducing AFROELLA: A Blaxploitation Comic with a little added ‘Fro

As you know, I write literary critics for Just Follow Me Magazine. I mostly write about afro- literature’s authors, novels and comics. Once, I remember that I looked for afro-comics during HOURS – and by “comics”, I mean DC/Marvel comics style-, because I was unable to find something. I could find french/belgian comics or indenpendant comics like “Aya”, but no afro-comics. I think it is meaningful of the problem revealed in this article : when, as a person of colour, you come to think “does an afro/etc-comics really exist ?”, it is the proof of a selectiveness in medias, and a constant lack of visibility. I am happy and reassured today to find this article, and I can only hope it won’t be an exception.

Media Diversified

by Gemma Bedeau

tumblr_m0mhgtOPhP1qf305wAfroella is a Glyph Award nominated comic book series from writer Gemma Bedeau and artist Lee Fenton-Wilkinson who together form the dynamic duo Kromatron Comics. Afroella is inspired by a love of 1960s sci-fi, rocket ships, robots and giant monsters then sprinkled with an appreciation for Blaxploitation and cheeky pop culture references.

the strong colours and strikingly clear artwork in a realistic but cartoon style are captivating, but it is the added cleverness of the characters and the rollicking science fiction story that makes it a real winner” Forbidden Planet international

When the comic was first launched, we had such a positive response within small press comic publications as well as African American and minority focused comics and sci-fi publications.
It’s been a real struggle to get the wider press to cover the launch of our comic or review it from the first issue until now…

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